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My Process


So often we see things mass produced by machine. Millions of cookie cutter items that make us lose connection with the concept of artisan made and skilled craftsmanship. My handcrafted items may not be precision perfect like items made from a machine, but I think there is great beauty in the imperfections. Behind each piece there is consideration, intention, and selfless time. A great deal of often back pain inducing time, but time well spent nonetheless.

My process is truly my identity as an artist. I stand for the slow made item that was worked by hand from start to finish. I am about celebrating the Maker’s mark and the play in artistic exploration. I’ve been told that each of my pieces have soul and I believe it’s the care and attention to detail given to each piece that plays a role in establishing that. Because each piece is individually handcrafted, no pieces will ever be precisely the same. 

Each design begins as a drawing on paper inspired by shards of rock and mountainous ridges that appear in the landscape. After sketching the shapes I desire, they are rearranged into various compositions. This is how I develop all of my designs. This process alone often takes hours, but is very satisfying and exciting. Once I have developed a series of final designs, I set off to work in my studio.

In the studio, I combine lost wax casting and fabrication processes to create my pieces. I love using the lost wax casting method for a variety of reasons. It is an old world technique dating back to over 5700 years ago and an art in itself. The wax is malleable and allows me to manipulate the surface in order to achieve the surface textures I desire. Other details of my work are individually hand fabricated solely by cutting sheet metal, forging wire, soldering prongs & jump rings, piecing together carefully selected chain, etc.

After casting and/or fabrication, all work is finalized with a satin finish. My work primarily consists of Argentium silver (100% recycled silver) and 14K gold vermeil. For more information about the materials go here. The only step I do not complete in my studio is the vermeil finish. This work is sent out in it's finished state (as a silver piece) and processed in order to assure the 14K gold meets the certified thickness for vermeil. Any pre-manufactured components used in my work (chain, ear nuts) are made in America.